Cash Money – Rick Townley

Friday morning, on route to work as usual, I stopped in at a petrol garage for a cup of Rosie lea and to fill the van up. As i hopped out before filling up I realised that I had either forgotten or lost my wallet. Drama! With no cash on me either to get to work, there was only one option… lake bound. With some tunes pumping on the way my head was in the game and all i could think about was getting to the lake before being on the empty. With the diesel light flickering throughout the entire journey I finally arrived at the gate with a big smile and sigh of relief, id made it.


After many laps of the lake climbing up trees and pushing through brambles I’d managed to find a group of fish tucked away in the corner of a swim. This swim in particular has been a bit of a nightmare for me in the past having three takes and unfortunately loosing them all, a savage and gutting feeling when you work so hard to get something going.  There was no way i was not going to angle for this group of fish, whats in the past stays in the past and having learnt from my previous mistakes and with a fresh head i began to form a plan of attack. I was lucky to have a fresh start so with the adrenaline and excitement of noticing my target fish in this group I went about getting the rods out delicately and stealthily without spooking them off.

Luckily i already knew the spots from the previous nightmare session so I went for the two rod approach as the third was unnecessary in this case. Knowing the bottom was lined with shallow silt I opted to go for the rig I have 100% faith in, the stiff hinge, perfect for this kind of bottom with low laying debris and shallow silt. I positioned my two rods both with white pop-ups on the route the fish were taking, after setting up home for the night the stove was lit and the kettle was on. With a thorough search of the van and all my kit my wallet that i had misplaced earlier in the day was nowhere to be found on me or back at home so with that I phoned the bank to cancel my bank cards Etc.

I was on the phone with the bank manager on the other end sorting out my cards and going through the usual painful security questions when in the corner of my eye i noticed a big common head out over my rods, I literally couldn’t wait for the phone call to end and to keep an eye on the spot. Obviously this was my main reason for wanting to crack on but secondly the lady on the other end was doing my nut in!


Two hours past and i’m sat there thinking this swim does not like me, with that thought in my mind my left hand bobbin whacked the bank and the alarm went into meltdown! In all honesty the take was so violent it scared the crap out of me and i leaped off my bed chair down to the rod and lent in to a powerful fish stripping line instantly. In the back off my head i kept thinking about the previous session loosing those three fish so the battle was was tense and i was pretty nervous. My legs went to jelly and my heart was in my mouth but I managed to get the better of this angry common steaming around in front of me. I had the net in position as the fish came up for a gulp of air and with one full swoop she was safely in the net. I noticed as she was resting in the net that it was an awesome common known as Cash and one that was on my wanted list. She was in the net, big common buzz!


Shortly after the fish was sorted and was secured in the retainer I went about making some calls to the boys  to get some shots done. My good pal Trist made his way down and done his thing, big up brother. Now onto the weighing, I knew before that cash had done 40lb in the past so fingers and toes crossed that she would do it again. We hoisted her up together on the dials and this time around she went 38.15lb which I was more than happy with and was a new PB common for me. Big thanks again to the boys for their help.

So thats my story how I caught Cash, quite fitting really considering I lost my wallet that morning but found Cash in the day.

Peace, Rick.

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