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Chunk On is a limited print magazine showcasing a range of photography, stories and interviews from well-known names in the Angling community and pretty much anyone else that has something interesting to contribute. Our first issue is very much focused on beginnings; proudly containing interviews with Gaz Fareham, creator of Subsurface Journal and Chris Lawrence, founder of the luggage brand, Heritage on how and why they established such successful brands. Not to forget or outshine the amazing photography in between.

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Chunk On has developed from a second year Graphic Design university project in which I created a minimalistic publication showcasing my own photography, inspired by Subsurface Journal. After speaking with Gaz on a whim and never expecting a reply, I found myself in receipt of an interview to include from mine and many other peoples Angling and design idol. His willingness to help and interest in Chunk On, not only got me a first, but got me thinking that this could potentially have some legs. After another year of uni, and many other photography publications later, I found myself back staring back at Chunk On and planning Issue Two. With no time to go to a lake to take my own photographs, I reached out on Instagram to see if others would contribute their photography for me to fill the 64 empty pages. The response was overwhelming. @chunkonmag

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Rocketing from 30 follows to over 1,000 in 24 hours was crazy (again helped along by a post on the Subsurface Journal account) and by day two I had hundreds of amazing images and offers of articles and stories from Anglers all over Europe. The community’s willingness to help was a little overwhelming and I will be eternally grateful for the content and platform they have given Chunk On. It has also made me realise how much talent was out there on Instragram and how many stories deserve to be put into print. Delaying Chunk On Issue Two, I began to redesign Issue One, which is now  printed and in stock sat in our spare room ready to be sent out.

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We really do see a future for Chunk On, and we hope that our readers and followers continue to contribute anything and everything so that we continue to have amazing content and photography filling our pages for many more issues to come! We want to provide a platform in which all Anglers have the chance to be included, where pages are full of stunning photography and interesting articles rather than plugs so please do follow us and submit your work.

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Finally we would like to give a massive thank you to Gaz, if it wasn’t for his support for a random second year design students project we wouldn’t be here today, and to Louis and the team at Wofte for the continuing support and guidance. We hope Chunk On is as successful as your brands one day!

Alex Robertson, Founder Chunkonmag.

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