Hello everyone, firstly we hope you are all keeping safe by staying at home and only going out for the very essentials. This is no joke this virus, take it seriously and listen to the guidance you are being given. The sooner this is all over the sooner we can be back out there enjoying the outdoors… And I don’t know about you but I am ITCHING to get out fishing now this lovely Spring weather has finally arrived- Typical ay!

This is an update to let you all know that we have taken all possible steps to keep ourselves and you guys free from harm during this period. We are now down to one person (thats me, Louis) dispatching orders from our HQ thus eliminating any contact whatsoever with any other humans, the other guys are able to work happily from home without me distracting them, I think they actually prefer this?! I don’t even have to be near the postman, I can literally pack all of the orders and then hide back in the office updating the social channels. As the parcel network is still running AND in amazing fashion should I add, we are still shipping online orders – with no delays. That’s right, the parcel network is doing a fine job in holding up the supply chain and keeping the world ticking along. If anything is to change with this we will make it very clear – but for now all good 🙂

We have to mention the NHS workers in this post, Trist’s other half works for the NHS at a local hospital near us So… this is a massive MASSIVE shout out to NHS workers for what you are going through to help others in these tough times! That goes for all the key workers out there doing what they can to help.

So until further updates, Stay positive, keep yourselves safe at home and spend the time with your family (or prepping for your next trip) -whenever that may be! We are using this time as effectively as possible, we have already finished a new range that was due soon, we’ve put the breaks on slightly but when this all blows over we have some amazing new items to share with you!

Keep an eye on our social media channels for some inspirational content, we have some new films due out very soon to keep you entertained. Use this tag on instagram and share some love: #WofteAwayCovid

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