RK Leisure – Dave Williams

After spending a week flicking around on Wraysbury North Lake trying to get a feel for the place I was still yet to catch a Carp. I had my own idea where the fish were holding up after some fresh knowledge of a large clay area out in the centre of the Bermuda triangle. Unfortunately I was unable to get into this area due to the position of other anglers on the lake after patiently waiting a chance arose and I jumped into my desired swim, mapped it out and found the clay spot that my research had led me towards. Two hard spots were located just off the clay itself and several Spombs of particle and red fishmeal’s littered the area. I didn’t have to wait long before my first fish off the spot slipped up and a plump mirror just over 20lb was unhooked weighed and photographed before the rod was wrapped back up and cast back out into the triangle. More bait to top up the area and I settled back in bed confident for another bite.


6am the following morning it came and it was so savage the rod almost away with it! A mental take and arm wrenching, hour long tussle commenced before what can only be described as a baby whale slipped into the net. With legs like jelly I rang Ru’ to come and help out with the weighing and photos and before I knew it I was clutching a 44lb Wraysbury mirror in the margins. She powered off back to her iconic home and I set about slowly regaining composure and getting my rod back out and the spot re-baited i was well and truly pumped!


I had 2 more fish off the clay spot before I ventured over to the South Lake for a weekend whilst a charity event was held on the north. Whilst over there I managed 5 takes but due to the snaggy nature of the swim, unfortunately only landed 3 of them.


Back to the North Lake and a few nights spent in the Grassy point and Stile swims were fruitless and I retreated back to the clay spot.
Despite seeing plenty of fish activity just out of my range I only managed one more stocky, but still I’m not complaining.

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