First established in 2011 we began our journey in the South East of England as part of a growing underground Carp community of young and innovative anglers. We shunned the traditions of our parents and grandparents and were determined to bring Carp Fishing back to its roots – with a modern twist, of course.

We offer a brand-new ‘streetwise’ take on traditional angling fashion, and have been making waves in the scene for over a decade. The ripples have since spread around the country and across the continent.

The need for practical and stylish carp clothing was evident from day one, and we took it upon ourselves to design a range which expressed both sides of our personality; marrying street style with angling practicality is what we do best. Originally known as ‘Watch Out For Them Eels’, the name quickly became abbreviated to the acronym ‘Wofte’ and the brand was born.

We found our feet early in the industry, originally marketing ourselves with a rough edge before transferring to the sleek and classy look which has made Wofte so popular today. In the early days, it was seen as going against the grain of angling fashion; where other manufacturers were incorporating bright colours and vivid logos into their clothing, whereas we created our own path and were understated, boasting a limited colour pallet of traditional khaki, Olive green and rown. Today, other manufacturers have done a 180 and are racing to catch up with our street influenced threads.

Our fusion of style, suitability and functionality sets us apart from the
rest. We bring you the classic Carp style with a contemporary twist and have created a range with a unique aesthetic and practical appeal. If you’re in the market for an item of clothing that looks as good off the bank as it does on the bank then you need look no further. Our combination of muted tones and bespoke branding means that our range of items look every bit as at home on the high street as they do on the bankside. This allows you to transition from bank to street and back again seamlessly with our stylish range of clothing.

Moreover, our experienced design team have devised and manufactured highly technical bank wear which allows you to, in our own words, ‘stick two fingers up to the outdoor elements and carry on fishing’. Waterproofing and highly
breathable wicking ensures that the collection is practical and fit for
purpose, allowing you to be at the water’s edge no matter the conditions.

As you might expect, this material is finished with our trademark style – bringing back the rugged, urban-centric pulse that was the heart of British carp angling’s beginnings and creating and clothing a generation of anglers who are tough enough, and well-equipped to look good and perform at their best all year-round.

Our range of carp clothing continues to grow and mature with the brand, and our range of bankside ‘Staples’ covers everything you need for your angling year, from shorts, t-shirts, and Hoodies, through to joggers, fleece jackets and a stylish range of  hats, covering all of the seasons in the year no matter the weather.

If you want to modernise your angling style with clothing items which are as stylish as they are practical, then our range is perfect for you. Many have followed us, but none have bettered.

We are the trend setters.

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